OTC Unity / ICO Contract Generator v1.4

Deploy my crowdsale contract!

What kind of contract does the generator deploy?

The ICO generator deploys an ERC20 compliant token contract containing all the required functions of ERC20 tokens. It allows an unlimited number of tokens to be sold, with no expiry date. The SafeMath library is used to ensure no overflow/underflow attacks are possible.

View the token contract here.

How much does it cost?

If you deploy your crowdsale contract to the Ethereum mainnet, it will cost at least a few dollars in mining fees for it to be processed (all transactions in Ethereum cost some ether, which is used to pay the miners mining your transaction). It requires around 1,300,000 gas to process the deployed contract here.

How do I know this is deploying the contract it claims?

This is an entirely open source project and you can see the javascript used to deploy the contract (via the Web3 library) here (or go to app.js for a live version - everything at the end is our code). If you get a tool like Truffle to compile and deploy the token contract we are using you'll see the bytecode and ABI is exactly what is hardcoded in our app.js file.

How do I interact with my deployed contract?

To execute any of the functions in a contract deployed here right from this webpage, first enter its address below:


Below are the functions available for you to execute on a contract address entered above.

balanceOf() - returns the token balance of an address

Execute balanceOf()

transfer() - transfers tokens to an address

Execute transfer()

transferFrom() - transfers tokens to an address from an address other than your own (requires approve() to have been called from whoever's account you're transferring tokens from)

Execute transferFrom()

approve() - approves someone else to spend a certain amount of your tokens

Execute approve()

allowance() - check how many tokens an account is allowed to spend from another account

Execute allowance()